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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are like hair extensions for your lashes. They make your lashes look thicker, fuller and longer which makes your eyes look wider and more dramatic. Banish the time-consuming curling of eyelashes and application of mascara with eyelash extensions. No more clumping, no more smudging, just thick, beautiful lashes.

Glam Look

Ideal for weddings, special occasions or for those with thicker lashes or who just love eyelash extensions! A more dramatic volume effect and slightly longer lasting lashes are achieved with a glamour set.

Full Set $249.00

Mascara Look

For every day wear – the mascara look means you have gorgeous long lashes all the time! Full and lustrous but not as thick/dense as the glam set.

Partial Set $149.00

Fills In

Eyelash fills should be done every 3-4 weeks. We remove grown out lashes and add new eyelash extensions to all of your regrowth.

Fill Ins $89.00

New Clients Special

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