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Experience The Latest UV Tanning Technology

Bella Bronze Tan & Body Spa offers the latest professional German engineered tanning technology. With luxury features as Air Conditioning, Aroma Therapy, Aqua Mist, Voice Guided Instructions, MP3 player connections & Surround Sound, you can count on always having a pleasurable tanning experience along with the best possible tan.


*Features not available on all models.

Our Tanning Technology:

Diamond Level 6

MAX10 by KBL MegaSun

  • 48-200 watt VHR body lamps
  • 4-800 watt adjustable facial tanners
  • 2-250 watt programmable shoulder tanners
  • Integrated surround stereo sound system with MP3 dock
  • Adjustable aroma therapy and cooling mist
  • 10 minute max tan time

Platinum Level 5

250MAX by Suncapsule

  • 54-250 watt VHR high performance tanning lamps
  • Highest levels of UVA of any available tanning system
  • Step-up plate ensures full-body exposure including feet
  • The shortest tan time of any bed or booth
  • Integrated surround sound stereo
  • 7 minute max tan time

Gold Level 4

ICON by Dr. Muller

  • 46-160 watt VHR body lamps
  • 4-650 watt adjustable facial tanners
  • 2- Solar shoulder reflector tanners
  • Built in speakers with MP3 connection
  • Adjustable aroma therapy and cooling mist
  • 12 minute max tan time

Silver Level 3

ELIXIR by Dr. Muller

  • 36-100 watt reflector body lamps
  • 3-500 watt adjustable facial tanners
  • Cooling air fans
  • Air Ionizer
  • Thermacool acrylic cooling
  • 15 minute max tan time

*All prices subject to applicable taxes. Must be 18 years of age to tan. Indoor tanning lotion and protective eye-wear  required.

UV Tanning Packages for Everyone

We offer a range of UV tanning packages and levels to meet every budget and level of tanning experience.Unsure which is right for you? Simply consult one of our certified tanning specialist to get expert assistance selecting the right package and bed level for your needs.